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Making A Design Statement With Mirror Tiles

by Bobby

What’s there not to love about mirrors? Unless, of course, you’re a mythical vampire who cannot see its reflection. Mirrors are an integral part of interior décor because they help magnify the beauty of the room. More like showing the room a reflection of how beautiful it looks. Just when we thought mirrors couldn’t get any bigger, tile manufacturers and interior designers came up with the idea of mirror tiles.

The article discusses what mirror tiles are and their applications in a home or office space. When buying these mirror tiles, ensure you go for the best and get professionals to help you install them.

What are mirror tiles?

These are cut pieces of mirrors brought together to make designs on a wall. Each of these cut pieces have their edges processed into what is commonly referred to as facets. This makes each cut piece look like a tile with more glare and beauty. The tiles are made into different shapes and sizes (crescents, diamond shape, circles, squares, triangles, etc,.) and with different shades — bronze or silver. These mirror tiles are either made from conventional glass or from a more durable plastic material like polystyrene.

Tips on how to use mirror tiles

To help bring out the beauty, mirror tiles must be used in a stylish way that makes them blend perfectly with their environment.

  • For the best effect, it’s advisable to use mirror tiles on one side of the room walls.
  • To make a seemingly small room feel and look large, mirror tiles can be placed on the side walls for extra width, and on the ceiling to make the room appear high.
  • The best shape to create this effect is the diamond shaped mirror tiles. Lay each of them diagonally for maximum effect. This should only be used in small rooms.
  • To increase the brightness of a room, mirror tiles should be placed opposite a window. If there are no opened windows, placing a lamp in front of the mirror tiles increases the room’s illumination.
  • Reduce the number of reflective surfaces in a room with installed mirror tiles. Too much reflection can cause a negative visual clutter.
  • Maintenance of mirror tiles involves cleaning with glass cleaners or using a wet cloth and vinegar.

Where can mirror tiles be used?

As mentioned, mirror tiles are best used in smaller-sized rooms and those with a low ceiling.

In the home, mirror tiles can be used in small entry halls, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Depending on the effect you want, mirror tiles can be installed on your wall, doors, columns, and ceiling. The size and design of the mirror tiles is subject to personal preference.

Mirror tiles can also be used for aesthetics and to make public places look larger. They’re used in restaurants, shopping centers, nightclubs, offices, cafes, fitness clubs, etc.


Mirror tiles add amazing beauty to any space. Since they come in different shapes and sizes, they can be used to make unique designs. Knowing how best to use them goes a long way in their overall beauty and appearance. They are great in making small rooms appear larger, and their reflective nature can help brighten rooms. To ensure they’re used properly, the posts give tips on how best to use them.

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