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4 Common Types of Stone Crusher Machines

by Bobby

A stone crusher is a machine for crushing rocks and stones into sand. It is a vital piece of equipment in the sand-making and stone grinding processes. There are many types of stone crusher machines on the market. They differ in their operating technique. It helps to know what you intend to buy so that you can satisfy your needs easily. Alibaba is an ideal place to source a stone crusher machine.

Here are the different types of stone crushers

One of the vital things you should do before purchasing a stone crushing machine is to study the available options. This helps if you are open-minded and you don’t have a restriction on the machine you want to buy. The good thing about having the basics is you are sure of getting the specification you want. Below are the most common types of stone crushers;

A jaw stone crusher

This machine squeezes rocks or stones with a fixed and movable jaw. There are single and compound pendulum jaw crushers. This stone crushing machine is ideal for various materials, like hard and soft rocks. This is a commonly preferred machine because of its simple structure and reliability. It is also lighter than most stone crushers. Its small size contributes to its lightweight nature. The jaw stone crusher is also cheaper than most alternatives. Its operational costs are also low, and it is easy to maintain. However, the jaw crusher is not as durable as its alternatives. Jaw crushers also experience premature bearing failure, and their parts wear out quickly.

The cone stone crusher

This stone crushing machine uses eccentric cone movements to crush rocks. It features stationary and moving cones that shear and grind rock pieces. In simpler terms, its working mechanisms are shearing, grinding, extrusion, and milling. The cone stone crusher is commonly used for medium and fine crushing. It can also perform coarse stone crushing on specific settings. The machine provides a high crushing ratio, is highly efficient, does not consume much energy, and offers stable operation. It also produces less dust compared to the jaw crusher. However, the machine is prone to premature crusher failures and requires frequent inspection and maintenance.

The impact crusher

This stone crushing machine is ideal for soft and hard materials. It also works perfectly for materials with moisture. The impact stone crusher is widely applied in the construction, transportation, mining, and chemical processing sectors. Like the jaw crusher, the impact crusher features a small and simple structure. Furthermore, it offers selective stone crushing and high output. There are various types of impact stone crushers, like the horizontal and vertical shaft impact stone crushers.

VSI stone crusher

This stone crusher is commonly used in sand and quarry plants. It is 50 per cent more energy-efficient than traditional stone crushers. It can handle various materials and produces uniform sand. This machine is cost-efficient and high-performance. However, it requires thorough and frequent maintenance.


Several other types of stone crusher machines exist. The few mentioned above are the most common ones. Others are; roller, hammer, sand making, and gyratory stone crushing machines. Browse Alibaba today for these machines.

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