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The Different Binding Machine Types Explained

by Bobby

If you have to regularly bind papers and documents, it might be time for you to get a better binding machine. Binding is one of the best ways to organize and make documents easily accessible. Whether you go to a school, university, office or a public library, you can easily spot a binding machine. One of the best places to get a good binding machine is Alibaba. Read on to know more about binding machines.

What Are Binding Machines?

Since the introduction of the printing press during the industrial revolution, binding machines too became a popular item. Binding machines help in binding and securing papers together. They are easily available at place and businesses which offer book or paper binding and copywriting as services. Many people also prefer to have it at home to keep their printed and written documents secure and organized.

Types Of Binding Machines

Here are a few types of binding machines you may come across quite often. Check out their features and what sets them apart.

1. Wire Binding Machine

This is one of the basic kinds of binding machines that you can see in most places. Holes are made into a document with a particular pitch ratio and then a spiral wire has to be put into the holes made. These wires come in different lengths and thicknesses that determine the number of pages it can hold.

2. Comb Binding

Comb binding machines are a popular choice for book binders. They are very economical and can be used to produce editable documents. The teeth are pushed through pages to make holes by pulling a lever, either manually or electrically. Then, an O-shaped spine is placed into the teeth of the comb binder, and the lever is pushed back to its original position. This kinds of a binding machine is very suitable for personal use as well as for businesses.

3. Manual

This kind of binding machine may have various kinds of binding methods. Manual binding machines are really inexpensive, and are usually heavier than their electrical counterpart. These machines need to be operated manually by pulling on a lever as and when required. It is easy to use them for few pages, but using them for a large number of pages need a lot of force and physical strength. It is best for personal use, as well as for offices and businesses which do not need much binding.

4. Electric

These are the most modern and sophisticated kind of binding machines. They can be of various kinds and are usually lighter and use a lot of complex chips and sensors. They work manually without human intervention, they only have to load the papers or documents to be bound together. They can work on a lot of pages at once and is a great choice for businesses and ventures who need to bind lots of documents regularly.


Binding is a great way to organize and keep your documents safe and organized. It helps in making documents more accessible. Though you may find binding machines in many places, Alibaba is surely one of the best places to get your high spec binding machine from. They have a wide collection and offerings from several sellers with their own specifications. The best part is that you can directly contact the sellers and state your needs and requirements. Whether you are a business owner or a personal user, it is surely a great choice to get your binding machine from Alibaba!

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